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• Cruelty Free
• Salt Free
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Semprebella Hair Loss Prevention Conditioner 200ml
R 49.95
Semprebella Hydration & Repair Conditioner 200ml
R 49.95
Semprebella Nourished Curls Conditioner 200ml
R 49.95
Semprebella Refresh & Softness Conditioner 200ml
R 49.95

What range is right for you?

SempreBella Hydration and Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Leave hair soft, repaired and moisturized. Protect against dehydration of the strands, ensuring good hydration for longer periods of time, keeping hair soft and protected.

SempreBella Nourished Curls

Shampoo & Conditioner

It strengthens and nourishes intensely the curly hair, giving it shine and correcting the damages caused by the external aggressions of the day to day. Result: shiny and repaired curls with less frizz. 

SempreBella Shine & Color Protection Shampoo & Conditioner

It strengthens the coloured hair, giving it greater resistance to the damages. Help to retain the moisture inside the hair strands. It improves the capillary force, forming a film around the wires, protecting them against aggressive external agents.

SempreBella Refresh & Softness Shampoo & Conditioner

With smoothing and emollient properties, it has a protective action against external aggressions, hydrates and protects the hair strands with softness.
It calms the skin, keeping it hydrated and with balanced pH levels, minimizing the sensitivity and irritability. Protecting against UV radiation. 

SempreBella Strength and Resistance Shampoo & Conditioner

Provides strength to weakened and brittle hair, making them softer and stronger. 

SempreBella Regeneration and Purification Shampoo & Conditioner

With a tonic and cleansing properties, it helps
to reduce excessive oiliness, moisturizing without leaving the hair heavy, leaving the hair bright
and smooth. It is rich in nutrients that activates the blood circulation of the follicles, and promotes regeneration and purification of the wires. 

SempreBella Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo & Conditioner

In addition to prevent hair loss, it helps the growth of healthy, nourished and stronger hair. It keeps the scalp and hair follicles alive.

Infused with powerful ingredients

SempreBella Strength & Reconstruction for Fragile and Brittle hair

Sunflower and Ginseng

Sunflower: Sunflower seed oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Being an oil, it acts as a conditioner, protecting the hair fiber from external damage and the hair becomes resistant to combing, reducing damage and breakage. 

Ginseng: For improving the hair regeneration, makes the hair stronger and healthier, helping the regeneration and reconstruction, improving the health of the follicles. It also helps protect the hair, forming a protective layer that wraps the wires and protects against aggressions hair, making hair stronger and less susceptible to breakage. 

SempreBella Shine and Color Protect 

For Coloured Hair

Silk, Rubi and Pepper 

Silk Protein: prevents loss of hydration, helping to retain moisture inside the threads. Improves the elasticity, forming a film around the hair threads, protecting them against aggressive external agents. 

Ruby minerals: helps to fortify the hair damaged by dye chemistry, giving it greater resistance to damage caused by external aggressions. 

Pepper: helps the fortification of coloured hair, damaged and without strength. Because it has a stimulating microcirculation action, that helps to keep the hair stronger, healthier and brighter.

SempreBella Hydration and Reconstruction

For Dry and Damage Hair 

Rose of  Jericho

Rose of Jericho : has the ideal properties for those who have dry hair or dry scalp. It is an active ingredient that provides protection against dehydration, working both for the skin and hair, reducing the itchy (in cases of dry scalp). In addition to its protective action against dryness, it also ensures good hydration for longer periods of time. Hydrated and soft hair, protected against the dryness problems.

SempreBella Nourished Curls for Curly hair

Pearl and Caviar

Pearls: strengthens curly hair as it fills the damaged spaces of the cuticle scales, giving a shiny hair and correcting the damage caused by the external agents. As a capillary moisturizing power, the pearl extract helps to make the hair softer and radiant.

Caviar: with great nutritional power its ideal for repairing hair damage as it helps in hair renewal and fills the damaged of the cuticles. Repaired, restored ,shiny and with anti-frizz curls.

SempreBella Relief & Softness

For Sensitive Scalp

Seaweed and Rose Water 

Seaweeds: with natural extracts that respects the sensitive skin. They have soothing and emollient properties, also a protective action against external aggressions, promoting the hydration of both hair and scalp.

Rose Water: very beneficial for sensitive scalp, as it is a natural ingredient that soothes the skin, keeping it moisturized and with balanced pH levels. Helps minimize the irritability of the scalp, and protects against the UV radiation. At the same time, it offers conditioning and repairing properties to the hair, leaving it moisturized, shiny and soft.

SempreBella Anti–Hair Loss

For Hair Loss

Biotin & Caffeine

Biotin: it’s a vitamin that is related to the loss and health of the hair. In addition to preventing hair loss, Biotin helps to give a healthy growth, nourished and stronger hair. It keeps the scalp and hair follicles alive.

Caffeine: stimulates the increase of the microcirculation of the capillaries, which in turn strengthens the hair threads and makes them more alive and resistant to the fall, because it activates the function of the hair follicles.

SempreBella Regeneration & Purification for Greasy Hair

Coconut Water, Green Tea and Ginger 

Coconut Water: great for greasy hair, as it moisturizes the hair fiber without leaving the hair heavy and greasy, leaving them shiny with a silky texture. Due to its tonic and cleansing properties, coconut water helps to reduce the excessive grease. With  antibacterial and antifungal action, it also keeps the scalp healthy.

Green Tea: brings good benefits to those who have greasy hair, much due to its astringent properties, which reduce the release of sebum and cleanse excess oil in a non-aggressive way. Green tea brings at the same time other benefits, such as antioxidant action and stimulation of strong hair growth.

Ginger: offers hair care, without weighing. It leaves the hair nourished and soft, sealing the cuticles of the hair fiber. It is rich in nutrients that activate the blood circulation of the follicles, stimulating a healthy and strong growth.