Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your commonly asked questions.


Where can I buy Novex products?

You can purchase online at and we will be launching Novex at selected Foschini stores nationwide as of 15 November.

How much is Novex?

Visit our website to have a look at the different products Novex has to offer.  Prices start from R159,95

Does Novex test their products on animals?

Novex do not test on animals in any of its products or any of its ingredients.

I’m interested in buying products for resale, who can I contact?

Kindly send us an email with your request to and we will gladly assist you with the onboarding process.

Are there any samples available?

We only have samples available on the Afro and Collagen range at the moment.  We are bringing in more samples from February next year due to port closures as a result of the pandemic we have seen much delay in production. 

Do you supply Salon’s?

Yes, we do supply salons.  Please be so kind to email us at with your request and for further details.

Products & Ingredients

What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein rich in amino acids that is present in our hair and nails, in fact 85% of the hair is made up of keratinized cells. Keratin Treatment "Without Chemicals" has as main function to restructure and repair the hair strands damaged by the use and abuse of discoloration, dyes and heat tools, giving back vitality, strength and structure.

Which product from this range is good for falling, thinning, dry hair?

Our Collagen range works wonders for thinning hair. Novex Collagen infusion contains 100% plant collagen, known for its anti-aging properties. Collagen is a protein made from amino acids such as glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine that promotes healthy hair growth and prevent hair thinning due to aging.

What are the main benefits of the collagen infusion range?

Promotes healthy hair growth, prevents thinning hair, decreases hair loss, vegan product, not tested on animals and suited for all hair types and textures.

My hair is so dry, has dandruff and is falling off, what product will you recommend and how much?

Kindly note that for this condition there are many factors that could be the cause, and is always best to seek proper medical advice. 

Does this product work the same as a Brazillian blow/out or is it products for regular use?

Our Novex Brazilian Keratin range is not a blow out, it is for regular use.  Since healthy hair is composed of 90% keratin, hair that is damaged by chemical treatments, pollution or regular use of blow dry and flat iron will result in major loss of keratin, leaving you with brittle and lifeless hair.  The Novex Brazillian Keratin line is ideal to reconstruct dry and chemically damaged hair.  Since it’s hydrolysed, Novex Brazilian Keratin ensures rapid absorption of product, which guarantees healthy, resistant hair with unmistakable beauty. 

- Replenishes moisture and repairs damage

- Helps to smooth the hair by controlling the frizz

- Promotes natural movement

- Reconstructs the hair fibre

- Enriched with vegan keratin 

- Made with genuine natural Brazilian keratin protein

- Brazil’s No1 selling Keratin product

Are your products colour safe? Especially the superfruits one?

We unfortunately cannot guarantee that our products are 100% colour safe.  We do supply a colour safe range specifically for this concern, however we have not launched this range yet.  You are welcome to follow us for when we do announce that we have added it to our online shop.

Deep Conditioning Masks

What are Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Novex is a fast acting, nutritious deep conditioning system and shower treatment. Infused with oils & vitamins. It's a deep treatment for the hair, capable to repair, restructure, hydrate, nourish, provide strength, growth, as well as shine and silkiness, depending on the assets with which it is combined.

What are the main ingredients in Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Keratin, ceramides, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, silicone, oils, hydramiel, D-panthenol, minerals, among others.

What are the benefits of Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Novex has an intensive treatment for each type of hair, treating it specifically by combining it with other vitamins and minerals. Repair the keratin cells by incorporating matter into the cortex and sealing the hair cuticle, leaving you with strong, hydrated, vitalised, loose, silky, frizz-free hair with dazzling shine.

How often should I use Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

It will depend on the damage of your hair, however it is advisable to use them at least once a week. You must observe the changes that you will get with the product and thus determine if you must rotate the use of the masks according to the needs of your hair.

Do Novex Deep Conditioning Masks have formaldehyde?

Our treatments contain no formaldehyde or other chemicals.


Where can I get my little curls kids range?

It’s available online at Delivery 3-5 working days

My daughter is 10 months old, can I use my little curls on her hair?

We recommend usage from Age 3 and/or older.

Is this suitable for little girls with eczema?

Any skin disorder for example eczema we recommend you consult your medical advisor to guide on the products and ingredients that needs to be avoided.

Are my little curls for all hair types?

Yes, suited for all types of hair especially curly types 3 and 4.